Design is about communicating

Aliki uses her innate synesthesia in everything she undertakes : she smells shapes and movement, tastes color, hears emotions.

“I have always been inspired by people, purposes and ideas that challenge what is commonly accepted as consumer standard.”

Aliki Polydor thinks “spot on” is spot on. She is indeed a trendsetter. Her solutions come to life through understanding and insight into the environment. They result from carefully selected multidisciplinary approaches blended together seamlessly keeping in mind traditions and cultures.

Her background diversity helps eliminate blind spots, and brings fresh perspective invisible from traditional points of view.

Aliki Polydor believes that design is all about communication. It creates intuitive interactions and nourishes the desire for functionality. It evokes emotions and ties in individual products and solutions into larger sustainable stories.

To that effect she uses her innate synesthetic capacity : she smells shapes and movement, tastes color, hears emotions.

Her skills are multi-disciplinary, moving without constraint from design to architecture, from art installations to painting or brand development, as she consistently leverages innovative technologies and materials.

Aliki Polydor thrives in consistent innovation and sustainability at all levels of technology.