Aliki Polydor is a designer and artist in a thorough sense. When designing an object or drawing up a project, she covers all the steps of the project, from the shape and its technicalities to its colour and communication.

Aliki Polydor personifies cultural diversity: born in Iran, from Greek father and Russian mother, she received an Anglo-American education between New York, where she studied at the Parsons School of Design, and London. She came to work in Paris, and acquired the French citizenship. Today she lives in Italy where she founded liki liki design studio in 2006.

Multifaceted designer and artist, she moves on the paths of designers such as Eileen Gray, but remains true to herself and her own style.

aliki polydor

Aliki Polydor’s experience with LED and Solid State Lighting dates back to 2004. That is when she incorporated LED lighting in her first lamp/light sculpture “zaff”. Later in 2006, she went on with the design and projecting of “kissimu 3” which involved her with studying intensely the dissipation of the heat generated by the high-power LEDs she was positioning in the design of her prototypes. Her experience and testing allowed her to achieve a reasonable know-how in managing the thermal process of either the individual or clustered high-power LEDs. She then went on to design “napo” and “patanjali”.

In 2005, she began implementing primarily linear modules in interiors, testing their reproduction of day light, their impact on colors and their repercussion in closed atmospheres. Between 2005 and 2006, she proceeded her experiments with the soldering of individual high-power LEDs on PCB, working out their performance with a wide range of secondary Optics and tracing their changes through different binning processes. She went on with further study of LEDs’ varied color temperatures of white and their distinct and dynamic impact on the environment and the architecture of space and objects. Today, she uses LEDs in all her architectural projects whether interior or outdoor.