Project Description

Synergy between art and design by virtue of a meditative spirituality.

The title of this installation is “baroquely LED”. It proposes a fusion between the “Meditation” series of painting, the ‘Patanjali’ floor lamp, the adequate lighting and the performance of a yoga master.

The project is rooted in Aliki’s deepest multicultural intimacy. The installation, aiming to concentrate in one single place the emotional power of a multi-sensorial and contemplative meditation, is a concentrate of visual, luminous, olfactory and aural sensations.
The installation was contextualised in the hall «Tazze» at the Hotel Due Torri. The place has been appropriately chosen for its baroque decoration and magenta color. Eleven paintings from the “Meditation” series were displayed, out of the 24 paintings on the same theme.
The lighting of the room was designed to highlight the peaceful state of mind induced on the visitor by the interaction with the environment. It made use of a precise colour temperature (5000 degrees Kelvin).
In a corner of the hall was set the “silent”performance of a yoga master in in the “padmasana” meditative position surrounded by several ‘Patanjali’ perfuming floor lamps, which make reference to the indian philosopher Patanjali (second century BC) that brought us the light through his aphorisms.