liki liki “limited
luminaires are all
 the fruit of passion. Pure passion for creativity, for the bespoke, and particularly
for functionality. Versatile passion applied to high-technology, Solid State
pure electronics, and a mix of
classical rigor and innovative spirit. Passion for functional objects escaping
from serial production and taking us into
the realm of craftsmanship. Show you have flair by choosing the liki liki designer luminaires. 
‪”Kissimu 3”, “daffodil”,
“d-light”, “patanjali”, “napo”, “totzo”
Each with its own
personality and elegance.
Every liki
liki LED lighting luminaire has
unique design that combines qualities of excellence, continuous research in LED
technology, experience and craftsmanship. Every single luminaire is designed,
studied and then produced at liki liki’s workshop with
the specific intention to create
something that will outlast as unique. Something so unique to become irreplaceable;
a privilege and a luxury today.
With their elegant lines,
these luminaires are suitable for sophisticated environments, in perfect
harmony with either classical or contemporary interiors. They are ideal for
those who know what they want and wish to highlight their singularity.
The choice is yours, but the
effect is guaranteed!