Do you remember Napoleon?
The “napo” LED table lamp is a tribute to the memory of this exceptional history figure, admired by some and despised by others. In the design of this luminaire, Aliki Polydor has tried to condense his power, his intelligence, his passion and some of the famous attributes that have made him a legend.

During his first Italian campaign in 1797, Napoleon stayed in Verona. The Battle of Rivoli, against the Austrians, was fought in the same year. Verona’s left bank, named by Napoleon himself Veronetta, is the present location of liki liki studio.

“napo” high-power LED table luminaire is a salute to this great strategist. It features 1500 lumen of natural light within its strong attire. It sits marvelously well on a Directoire piece of furniture or a contemporary console.