Aliki Polydor | “Take it or leave it”©2005 | technology and senses | RGB- LED lighting installation
All feelings cost sacrifice and renunciation

  • In this new century, sacrifices and rejections are surreptitiously disappearing as values. The wish for strong emotions – remote-controlled and rapid – leave no space for renunciation.
  • Today we always seek immediate satisfaction, instantaneously, something which is rarely possible. Senses are violated and under attack, in pieces. We no longer know how to distinguish or discriminate. We do not have the time to choose, even accept, or say no. The force of renunciation disappears and this fundamentally weakens us. 
  • In my installation “Take it or leave it” these are the values I dispute. I am making the elogy of “renunciation” involving 4 senses : sound, sight, olfactory, touch. One is missing…guess why?
  • Please think about this…
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