The potentials of an evolving lighting design | liki liki LED lighting design 

The strength of a good project lies in a flowing cycle away from pre-packaged solutions,whilst dealing with constant renewed curiosity and critical spirit. Very often as designers or architects, once we have established our own style, we spontaneously but regretfully, tend to apply it  to most situations or contexts.

The new technology of high-power LEDs represents a revolution in lighting and a challenge for those who are struggling with the choice of lighting systems.

At the same time, it pushes further the opportunity to change the approach to the design issue. It therefore becomes necessary to keep track of this continuous evolution and experiment around this magnificent technology.  It can no more be qualified as simple lighting but  lighting electronics, applications that go far beyond wiring and switching within the realm of lighting and electricity.

Designing Lighting and fitting it in a project is not anymore a matter of installing the usual fixtures and lamps and choosing them for their design, or rather for the “reputation” of their designers or their brand, but a light where the essence is  « light itself » and its quality. So that a given space remains in total harmony and interaction within its architecture and spirit. 
« luce c’è, ma non si vede” ©2006 Aliki Polydor